The idea to create soccer club in the United States was in thoughts of club owners Mr. Papikyan & Mr. Ghambaryan already many years. Finally in August of 2021 they signed cooperation agreement between each other and created joint investment group, which started registration process of the Soccer Club “Brave Lions.

Another key point was decision to allocate club in Glendale: in a city which never had any representation in the level of The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), but where lot of young boys and girls playing soccer, and this was new opportunity for those youngsters to show them in a new level.


Mr. Volodya Papikyan
Mr. Volodya Papikyan

Mr. Papikyan is ex-professional soccer player, who represented different football clubs from Poland and Armenia. Due to ankle injury, he finished his professional career and founded "Papikyan International Agency", which received official intermediary license from Polish FA. Agency is cooperating with numerous soccer players, coaches and dealing in many other aspects of soccer.

Mr. Vardan Papikyan
Mr. Vardan Papikyan

Mr. Vardan Papikyan graduated faculty of Law of the Yerevan State University (Rep. Of Armenia). Starting from year 2000 until 2015 he worked in the Prosecutor system of the Republic of Armenia, where he held different position starting from investigator to senior prosecutor in especially important cases. In 2015 together with his family he emigrated to the United States, where he started his own business.

Mr. Vardan Papikyan
Mr. Hrachya Ghambaryan

Mr. Ghambaryan was a team manager of Armenia National Team more than 11 years and during that period he achieved many great results with the so called ‘’golden generation’’ of Armenia National Team, part of which was player of AS Roma Henrikh Mkhitaryan & ex-player of Rel Salt Lake Yura Movsisyan and many others. Currently Mr. Ghambaryan also is a member of UEFA Football Committee for 4-year mandate (2019-2023), which is one of the most important committees involved in shaping UEFA’s policy across the broad palette of European football. He is certified sport lawyer and dealing with numerous legal/civil cases in aspect of professional soccer players rights.
Also, he holds players intermediary license issued by the Polish FA and owns “HG Partners Management” LLC, which is organizing away trips (accommodation, charter flights etc.) of soccer clubs during their matches within UEFA Champions League, Europa Conference League & Europa League, and away trips of National Teams within UEFA European Qualifiers and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.


Our vision is to be widely regarded as a successful, family-oriented club that contributes to the development of the local community, both on and off the field and provides the highest-level opportunity for all players to develop to their potential and to be continually successful in The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). Soccer Club “Brave Lions” will aim to play a major role in the local community by developing soccer both in professional and youth level within city of Glendale and wider within California region.
We believe that with an experience of our management and club owner’s, we can bring something new to The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and raise the bar of Soccer Clubs to a new professional level. Our values are Professionalism, Teamwork, Quality, and Inclusivity.



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